01 2018

New Camera!

So, I was searching around for a new camera with decent video capability. I was considering a Canon Powershot G7X Mark II. I've seen some excellent Youtube videos with that camera. Then, Ra tells me that she bought a camera 4 years ago to supplement her Nikon and it's in a drawer. She never really used it. I decided to give it a try. It's a Samsung EX2F compact camera. It has a lot of options for a small camera, and some good reviews a few years back. But, it doesn't have an external mic plug. It does have a hotshoe mic capability. I just finished recording the Champion 3400 Generator video with it, which is now on our Youtube channel HERE. I think this camera will work for a while while the website and channel get going. I plan to use it on our Nova Scotia vacation this summer.

01 2018

New Additions and Mods

I upgraded the battery bank to 2 Duracell golf cart batteries. A lot of campers go with the Trojan T-105 6 Volt Battery, but I think the Duracell is a valid option, and is more affordable. I've already used them on 2 local camping trips without hookups. They performed well for the 2 days that we camped. I was able to run the TV, lights, furnace, and water heater. These will be used more frequently this summer when we boondock in Canada.

I added these screen door bar handles to both entry doors. They make it much easier to close the screen door, and also help to protect the screen from accidental tears and holes. An easy install and highly recommended.

I purchased a portable 100 watt solar panel kit to keep the batteries charged when bookdocking. This summer will be my first time using it while traveling through Canada. My plans are to get a more permanent and more powerful solar setup in the future. If you are just getting into solar, this is a great starter kit! Get yours now!

I purchased a Champion 3400 Dual Fuel Inverter Generator for use when the solar isn't keeping up. I'm excited to begin using this generator as a complete electrical solution when needed. It will replace shore power and allow us to run the AC, furnace, water heater, lights, TV, etc. A great feature of this generator is that it is dual fuel. It can run on gas or PROPANE, and it is an INVERTER generator making it excellent for RV use! Reviews and ratings are very high for this generator. Check out my video of it HERE. Get yours now!

01 2018

Here We Go!

We're just starting out on this adventure. I'm creating the Website and YouTube channel. I'm working with DaVinci Resolve as my Video Editor and trying to learn all the features of the software. My first attempts are creating PLogs of our photos from Montreal and Bar Harbor vacations last summer. Videos will come soon.

I already realize I'm going to need a new, more professional camera to document our travels. We're starting out with cell phone pics and videos.